Kirundo Reading:  A Light Shines

Burundi national anthem

Building Hope: Literacy, Bibles and Schools.  The Women of Kirundo.

Quiana, Inc. is an American non profit organization established in 2005 that is also a registered Non Governmental Organization with Burundi.  We provide services to women and girls to help them come to peace with themselves, their husbands, families, friends and local community.   This is called interior wounds healing, healing their broken hearts and emotions.  Teaching forgiveness begins the healing and peace making process.   Using small groups and working with other service providers, the goals of Quiana, Inc. are to bring peace, forgiveness, reconciliation where appropriate and re-integration of the women and girls to their homes and communities.

Over 80 volunteers are going into the ‘bush’ to reach those women and girls who do not have access to come into a city or town where there may be more services available.

Training programs are also being conducted with the local social, governmental and spiritual leaders to help them re-integrate the women after treatment. 


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Burundi, Literacy Class.